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Mission statement:  To build, promote, and teach health and fitness through sports and education.

Get out of the house, now!  Go out to the park and play a round or just play  around.


  CLEAN and 

Don't Play... WIN!                                                                         Repairs to Rockwood Central Park in Gresham, OR

The Columbia View Disc Golf course is final.  The course went in.  You could have played the course as of April 13th, 2012.  The Bentley baskets are powder coated and the color is a flat, light blue or one shade darker than sky blue.  Thank you to everyone involved in the process.  This project took way longer (1 year) than anyone thought it would and after all of our hard work the course got pulled out.  Now we start on our next project. Thanks to everyone who helped us and to Jerry Miller and Phillip Kurtz of stepping up financially when help was needed. 

Don't forget to check out the
Rockwood Winter Series on our "Play Disc" page.

 If we don't take care of it...Who will?          
                                                    Let's Keep Oregon "Green"

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